Group Leader

Dr Clare Killikelly

Clare Killikelly is working at the Division of Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention, University of Zurich. Her research group examines the clinical utility and global applicability of the new ICD-11 Prolonged Grief Disorder. Along with establishing the validity of the new symptom criteria in international contexts, her research seeks to better understand the nature of suffering and distress in different communities in order to develop accessible and culturally informed assessments and interventions.

Current Team Members 2019-2020

Eva Stelzer, Msc

Ningning Zhou, Msc

Stefan Rohner

Mariia Merzhvynska

Tenzin Dotschung

Han Sun

Lea Christen

Alexandra Reymond

Olivia Gabban

Anaïs Aeschlimann

Bella Hanzhang Xie

Oluwafunmilade Adenekan

+ super interns!

Past Team Members 2018-2019

Michael Ramp

Anna Hasenohrl

Susanna Bauer

Bella Hanzhang

Angela Moser

Visiting Fellow: Dr Kanako Shimizu

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